Data Structures functions and coding

In this course, we consider

1) The common data structures that are used in various computational problems.

like arrays, linked lists , stacks and queues.

2) You will learn how these data           structures  are implemented in different programming languages and will practice implementing them in our programming assignments.

3)  You will also learn typical use cases for  these data structures.trees, binary trees , avl tress, bst ,graph .

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.

In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. 

This course provides an introduction to machine learning, data mining, and statistical pattern recognition.

Topics include:

(i) Supervised learning (parametric/non-parametric algorithms).

(ii) Unsupervised learning

(clustering, dimensionality reduction)

System Design+


This is a course to help students to prepare for system design concepts. 

its a practical implementation of efficient system and data handling.

basics of dbms ,sql.

It gives a brief description of key topics and contains a case study. 


 It is an actively developed course with more case studies and system design questions added frequently.

learn about the facebook , instagram system designs .